SEO Strategy For 2017

If you’re wondering what factors to consider as you build your SEO strategy for 2017, links are still the top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm with content close behind. And high CTR is still in the mix when it comes to as well.


A recent study by Taylor Bracken of Tecsolo SEO put links to the ranking factor test. And links emerged as powerful as ever before.

Previous research by SEO experts found a high correlation when comparing high SEO rankings and external links. However, data from other ranking factors were close behind links.

Different varieties of search terms were also employed in the Tecsolo SEO study. Long tail commercial terms, commercial terms, and informational keywords were used to test the power of links.

Did you know Google uses around 200 ranking factors to rank websites? This may be a lot for SEO professionals to take in all at once. However, focusing on links is still considered the most effective strategy.


The number of external links you receive is important. Some of the top Internet Marketers say external links are simply invaluable to your ranking power, according to experts.

Anchor text of external links affects ranking. Links with SEO focused anchor text needs to be relevant to the target page.
The links need to have strong authority. For example, your links need to be from a reputable news source such as  The Huffington Post or educational resource pages from top universities such as Stanford.
Links have always been the king of SEO strategies, and many SEO agencies focus on building relevant links to get first page search results on Google.

Building Relevant Links is an Important Ranking Practice

Building links is definitely an essential SEO practice, but Google is still dealing with the manipulation of rankings via economically minded marketers that are in search of free traffic. However, your link building strategy needs to encompass relevancy.

Incorporating relevance and trustworthiness into your link building strategy is a vital part of your ranking efforts. The first step in this strategy is to identify resources and publications for inbound links.

Here are two key aspects to incorporate into your link building strategy, according to the Tecsolo SEO’s best practices of 2017.

Identify respectable links. When searching for respectable links ask yourself: Do people trust this site? Does this site use citations? Is the site refined? Is the site a household name?
Focus on relevancy in links. In order to optimize rankings, SEOs need to find relevant links within the industry they are marketing. Match content and links up as perfectly as possible to keep rankings moving in a positive direction.
Link building is important, and it may be as essential as ever, according to Google’s announcement. And SEOs still need to combine links with powerful content too.